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The Menu

Factory Pizza – Siem Reap – Cambodia

The Menu

Our menu reflects the decoration we gave to the restaurant, simple, family and original. The menu is a mixture of classic recipes and pizzas from the imagination of our cook.

Our specialty is crunchy and crusty pizza. Its texture and taste is inimitable in Siem Reap. Yet his secret recipe has been copied several times but never equaled.

The menu is varied, you want a pizza? Come to test the classic recipes (Napolitaine, Marguarita, 4 cheeses or happy pizza). Come also test our original recipes (Pollos Hermanos, Chicanos or happy special mix pizza). If the heart tells you you can test our special happy pizza that contains a special and new spice mix.

At Siem Reap Factory Pizza and Bar, you can eat with your hands and fingers, standing on a can, on a bench or at the bar.

Any occasion is good to enjoy a good pizza as well as a glass of wine or a cocktail.

Our policy, fresh products and qualities to propose recipes close to what can be found in France.

Factory Pizza and Bar Siem Reap is a restaurant but also a bar, our menu of drinks, cocktails and wines is important.

To see the menu of the drinks clic here : Menu of drinks

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