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About us

Factory Pizza – Siem Reap – Cambodia

About us

Pizza is a family story. The restaurant Factory pizza Siem Reap was founded by two brothers, Tarik and Samir as well as his wife Ranny Cambodian by birth.About us the restaurant was founded in 2013 under the name Rico Pizza.

Tarik graduated in France, Pizzaïolo for 6 years, he ran his own pizzeria in France in Paris.

The decision to tackle everything to open a restaurant in Cambodia was taken quite quickly. Since Ranny was born in Cambodia near Siem Reap, the choice was logical.

Since then, the name and decoration have evolved but the principle remains the same, quality pizzas with fresh products.

The reasons for success? An original dough and tomato sauce homemade. The recipes will remain secret but the customer will never be disappointed. Besides, the slogan is simple: “The one who does not like pizza does not pay pizza”.

To settle in Cambodia was not at all easy, the adventures were numerous, the problems certain but the game was worth the candle. Creating a restaurant at the foot of the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap is an extraordinary opportunity.

Finding serious suppliers, quality raw materials and motivated staff is an arduous task in France, Cambodia is twice as hard.

4 years later, the pizzeria Factory pizza is waiting for you to taste quality French food in Cambodia.

Our specialty ? The pizza in general, be it a 4 cheeses or a happy pizza. Quality and taste above all !!

The concept “Factory” coupled with “street art” is original and innovative. Unique in Cambodia, drinking a glass of wine and eating a pizza in front of a pagoda is a wonderful experience.

Our values :

Because we want to return to Cambodia what it has given us, we decided to support the poor people of this country through our restaurant.

Two axes were chosen:

  • The first is the training of girls in difficulty. For our staff it was decided to take only girls from families in difficulty in the region of Siem Reap. Training in English is provided as well as training in the various catering businesses.


  • The second is a partnership with a French NGO, the Bayon Pastry School. This organization offers training in French pastry to girls in extreme poverty. It is with this NGO that we provide ourselves in pastry to offer desserts of quality.